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Carlo Venetian Collection

  • Rosso Mask

    Rosso Mask

  • Red Crackle

    Red Crackle

  • Masquerade Masks for Men

    Masquerade Masks for Men

  • Macrame Piume Gold and Red Jolly Bells

    Macrame Piume Gold and Red Jolly Bells

  • Macrame Luna Silver

    Macrame Luna Silver

  • Jolly Bells Mask

    Jolly Bells Mask

  • Hedley Jones in The Joker Mask

    Hedley Jones in The Joker Mask

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Italian masqueradeFarfallina Losanghe Musica mask. Italian masquerade farfallinaOro mask Italian masqueradeFarfallina Losanghe Red mask
Farfallina Oro
Each: $49.95
Italian masqueradeOro/Musica mask Italian masquerade Farfallina Stoffa mask. Italian masquerade Farfallina Arlechino Black/Gold mask,
Farfallina Stoffa
Each: $54.00
Italian masqueradeFarfallina Arlechino Black/Silver mask Italian masquerade Black Bauta mask Italian  masquerade Gold Bauta mask.
Black Bauta
Each: $55.00
Gold Bauta
Each: $65.00
Italian Masquerade farfallina Macrame gold Venetian mask Italian Masquerade Farfallina Macrame silver Venetian mask. Italian masquerade Farfallina Wings Venetian mask
Farfallina Wings
Each: $88.00
Farfallina Rosso Mask Italian masquerade Farfallina Luna Venetian mask. Italian masquerade Façade stick mask.
Farfallina Rosso
Each: $74.00
Farfallina Luna
Each: $128.00
Each: $118.00