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Grand Bauta Metallo Gold
Italian masquerade Grand Bauta Metallo Gold mask.

Each: $548.00

Product Code: MV109G

An incredible Venetian bauta mask made from a single piece of laser-cut metal with Austrian crystal accents and beautiful tassel ties with bead accents. A real masterpiece worthy of a special place in the home!

The name Bauta is a whole costume with a mask named Larva means ghost mask.   It was originally always in plain white or black but today has many creative versions of it's original design and colors. It was a mask worn by both men and women and worn often by lovers so they could meet in public without fear of being recognized.
Because of the mask's unique design, the wearer is able to still eat and drink wearing the mask and it also changed the timbre of one's voice.   When worn all were equal be you servant or master, whatever social class you came from. You would think this would have brought about a social utopia of sorts with equality for all. In ways it did, even if it was only for brief periods, however the unfortunate side effect was that the Venetian society fell into moral decline. It encouraged its wearers to throw aside societies codes of conduct and morals as there was no fear of recognition and so consequences. This in turn led to severe restrictions being placed on the wearing of masks in society until their eventual ban in Napoleonic times.