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Lucia Masquerade Collection

  • Ice Princess Mask

    Ice Princess Mask

  • Gatto Fucina Mask

    Gatto Fucina Mask

  • Gattina, Sol and Farbella

    Gattina, Sol and Farbella

  • Gattina and Male Gran Gala

    Gattina and Male Gran Gala

  • Folgie Bronze

  • Farfallina Set

    Farfallina Set

  • Farfallina and Gran Gala

    Farfallina and Gran Gala

  • Farbella Gold and White

    Farbella Gold and White

  • Farbella BlackGold

    Farbella BlackGold

  • Crystal's 24th

    Crystal's 24th

  • Cignetta


  • Cignetta Bastone Mask

    Cignetta Bastone Mask

  • Butterfly Ornate Black

    Butterfly Ornate Black

  • Butterfly Metallo

    Butterfly Metallo

  • Butterfly Metallo

    Butterfly Metallo

  • Black Pheonix

    Black Pheonix

  • Bellagio

  • Bellagio

  • Bauta and Phantom Metallo

    Bauta and Phantom Metallo

  • Bat Farfallina Mask

    Bat Farfallina Mask

  • Amour Mask

    Amour Mask

  • Vampire Diaries

  • The Pheonix

    The Pheonix

  • Sol

  • Sol Lux 3

    Sol Lux 3

  • Phantom Metallo White

    Phantom Metallo White

  • Male Gran Gala

    Male Gran Gala

  • Male Gran Gala and Gattina Black/Silver

  • Jolly Hermes

    Jolly Hermes

  • Ricciolina

  • Folgie Flair Mask

    Folgie Flair Mask

  • Group


  • Party


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Italian masquerade Male Gran Gala Black metal mask. Italian masquerade Black Kitty metal mask
Black Kitty
Each: $138.00
Italian masquerade Amour metal mask Italian masquerade Cignetta Silver/White mask. Italian masquerade Cignetta Light Blue/Silver mask.
Each: $128.00
Italian masquerade Cignetta Bastone Silver/Black mask Italian masquerade Farbella- Black/Siver mask Italian masquerade Farbella- Green/Gold mask.
Venetian masquerade mask Italian masquerade Gattina black/light blue metal  mask.
Gattina Oro/Bianco
Each: $138.00
Gold Leaves
Each: $295.00
Full faced Sun
Each: $595.00