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Dottore Classico
Italian masquerade Dottore Classico mask.

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Venetian plague doctor's mask as it was: perfectly white and serene. This traditional Venetian masquerade mask has a rich history behind it and is an Italian mask that has been worn for centuries.  Measures  approximately 11 x 16 inches.
Makes a great gift for a doctor!

Physicians that saw those with the Bubonic Plague during the Venetian Renaissance, often known as Plague Doctors, wore a bird-like mask for protection and to depict the symbol of the Plague, the raven.
The large "beak"  had a good functional reason. In the past, before germs and bacteria were discovered, it was thought that diseases were carried through a bad air that emanated from the diseased. The  Plague was very contagious, so the beak served as an extra protection from it. The beak was filled with scented materials, such as amber, balm-mint leaves and rose petals.