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  • Panthom and Gattina Mask
  • Gattina Mask
  • Farfallina Set
  • Farfallina Piume Metallo Mask
  • Farfallina Piume Metallo Mask Red
  • Gatto Fucina Mask
  • Jolly Musica Mask
  • Cignetta Mask
  • Black Kitty Mask
  • Farfallina and Grand Gala Masks
  • Farfallina Piume Metallo and Farfallina Masks
  • Jollino Mask
  • Scaramuche and Butterfly Metallo
  • Gatto Fucina
  • Amour Mask
  • Male Gran Gala and Gran Gala Gold Masks
  • Butterfly Metallo Ornate
  • Bellagio Mask
  • Male Gran Gala and Gattina
  • Sol Metallo Mask
  • Bellagio
  • Phoenix Mask
  • Parbella Mask
  • Nota Mask
  • Male Gran GalaMask
  • Gold Macrame Piume Mask
  • Gran Gala Mask
  • The Joker Mask
  • Gattina, Sol, and Farbella
  • Max
  • Rosso Mask
  • Phoenix Mask
  • Farbella Mask
  • Farfallina Macrame Silver Mask
  • The Joker Mask
  • Max Mask
  • Phantom metallo Black Mask
  • Gattina, Sol, and Farbella Masks
  • Ice Princess Mask
  • Cignetta Mask
  • Folgie Bronze
  • Fascade
  • Male Gran Gattina
  • Jolly Hermes Mask
  • Farfallina Luna Mask
  • Sol Mask
  • Farfallina Bat Mask
  • Bauta Metallo and Phantom Metallo
  • Bauta Metallo Mask

Mask Italia is proud to contribute to charity organizations that are making a better community for all of us. In the past years, we have been involved with the following charities and organizations in various capacities:

Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Hands on San Francisco
The Okizu Foundation
The Little Jim Foundation
Burning Man
Children’s Hospital of San Diego
San Francisco Opera
Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Napa Valley Wine Auction
Susan G. Komen Foundation
AAR Burn Foundation
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-Tomorrows Child
Broward County Humane Society
Whitman-Walker Clinic
Kuwait Society for The Protection Of Animals

If you are interested in hosting a masquerade ball, having a masquerade themed wedding  or creating a magical event that no one will forget, or want to discuss our various services and partnership opportunities for your event, please contact us at 504-598-1998 or email at

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